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Building Six Pack Abs

We all know what Six Pack Abs look like but very few people Know how to get six pack abs. Whether you want to develop a rock hard six pack or simply want to lose stomach fat, then welcome to

Like me, you have probably spent hours on the internet searching for help, tips and exercise on developing the prefect six pack abs look. Instead of good advice, there is an endless stream of spam pages selling expensive products. Well relax, and bookmark this site. This site is about six pack abs pure and simple. There are articles, tips and exercises for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have been weight training for years and want to perfect those defined abs, or whether you current carry a barrel for your stomach and urgently want to lose stomach fat, you will find help here.

Whilst the men might want to get a 6 pack abs as a woman magnet, women are not neglected. Almost every woman worries about their waistline and are consistently trying to lose stomach fat. Don't worry. The same six pack abs program, help and exercises will produce amazing results for the female figure. So what ever your reason for wanting to get six pack abs, six pack pro is there to help you.

If your idea of developing six pack abs is restricted to doing regular sit-ups then you will probably be feeling a bit discouraged by now. After months and months of determined hard work, you will probably have very little to show for it. This is not your fault; you are simply doing the wrong exercises

If you wanted to build up your biceps you wouldn’t keep lifting the same weight day after day would you? If you did then you would quickly build muscle up to a level of lifting that matched that particular weight but it will not develop any further. This is because once the muscle has developed to the level it needs, it would stop growing! Muscles don’t grow any bigger than is necessary to deal with the work load that you place upon them.

If that wasn’t true, then we could simply spend a week in bed and then get up with bulging muscles!!

This is the common mistake that most people make. To get your six pack abs, or to lose stomach fat you need to use weights and to follow a training program that incrementally builds your six pack abs. A simple program that will build six pack abs is to do the same sit up exercises that you did before, only this time hold a weight on your chest. Start with about 10lbs, or 5 kilos, and then try 10-15 sit ups. Set your own target number, but keep it as aconstant. Adjust the weight up or down, until you can feel your abs working hard over your target series of sit-ups. On subsequent days increase the weight whenever you start to find the routine becoming easier.

After a month or so you will notice a major difference. If you are just beginning and are keen to lose stomach fat rather than get six pack abs, then you should start without the weights and concentrate on building up to your target number of sit-ups. Start by doing as many sit-ups as you feel comfortable with and use this as a baseline. Once you can repeat this number comfortably, then increase the number until you feel ready for the weights. Once you lose your stomach fat, you will want to move on and develop your six pack abs.

On other pages in this site you will find articles, tips and products to help you in your quest to get the best six pack abs or even to simply help you lose stomach fat. I hope you achieve the body that you want.


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